Social Media Marketing

Have something to say but don’t know where to start? Let us handle your Social Media accounts!

Social Media has literally taken over everything. We personally have seen social media start out as a “college only platform" to the mega giant it is now. I mean, even some household pets are considered influencers with larger follower counts than the average person! You cannot go anywhere these days without seeing someone looking on their phone. Whether it is Instagram or Facebook, we have your back! Let Kratos Media bring you leads via social media, so you can add value to your brand.

Here at Kratos Media, Social Media Marketing has turned into our specialty. Above all, we act as your in house social media specialist. We will post the content you want and when you want. In addition, all metrics, hashtags and details will be taken into account in ever single post. This is not just a simple “find photo and press post" situation. These posts are your voice and will directly speak to potential customers. As a result, every single post is going to be highly optimized and targeted to ensure you are getting the best statistics. This strategy has gained serious traction for many clients.

We offer a variety of solutions for Social Media management that can fit your account – large or small. Just starting out? We can help you get started. The last thing we want is for you to have the best local item and to be getting great reviews but missing out on going viral. Below are the options we offer. They can be customized. So if you prefer us to focus on one social media platform than another, let us know!

Our Available Social Media Packages


Monthly Cost - $450
Demographic Identification
1 Post/week
1 Posts/week


In addition to the packages listed above, we can always add options. Just because you don’t see something you wish to have doesn’t mean it can’t be done. All you have to do is ask!